Stříbro - Production Factory – CZ 10

The production plant in Stříbro was built in 1978. Since its establishment the plant has been through several modernisation processes in order to meet the standards for specialized food-processing.

Now the plant is specialized in production of top quality crystallized sweet whey, with the daily processing capacity of 250 000l of concentrated raw material.

The list of crucial modernisation:

2001 – installation of new crystallization technology

2003 – launch of packaging in large volume bags

2007 – installation of technology to capture drift dust

2014 – launch of the new evaporting equipment.


The plant in Stříbro became the member of Eligo group in 2020. High quality product - crystallized sweet whey expands the group Eligo product portfolio to gain more satisfied customers.


Technical data

Processing capacity 18.000mt/ year
Evaporation unit 18.000 litres H2O/hour
Drying tower performance 2.400 litres H2O/hour
Packaging line capacity  6.000 kg/hour
Stock capacity about 2.000 t

A stable team of 42 employees works in the factory. A superior level of hygiene and cleannes during production is always highly rated by our customers who audit the factory.  


Stříbro CZ10

Eligo 10 s.r.o. - STŘÍBRO
branch factory

Revoluční 1489
349 01

tel: +420 374 616 210
      +420 374 616 214

GPS: 49.757204347155536, 12.989212992578398


Branch factory Manager

Ing. Sergej Ivanov
Mobil: +420 605 222 258


Branch factory Production Manager

Florent Poirieux
Mobil: +420 724 278 255

Logistic Coordinator

Vladimira Havlikova
Mobil: +420 724 327 181 





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